Forest cleaning must be made in a preventive way.
No better way than to have the adequate tools to perform it.
Take care of the Forest and the Forest will protect your habitat.

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This is a job that must be done periodically with the proper tools.
A correct maintenance will bring better growth of the green areas to preserve.

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Use the green waste for your fire or heater.
Everything can be reused.

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Reuse all your organic waste through the aerobic compost.
Everything comes from the earth and all returns to the earth.

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For a perfect clean sandy beach we offer our beach cleaning machines Barber and SCAM.
They have been used successfully by several Towns and communities all over the world in a wide variety of applications.

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Clean Public spaces without garbage or graffiti provide a better quality of life.

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FLORESTAL - Máquinas e Equipamentos, is a company specialized in the supply of equipments and spares used in the area of the environment and organic waste recycling. Who comes to us finds a range of solutions visibly innovative for their jobs with the environment


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